How It Works

Submit Your Own Listing

Webkraal uses a pay per listing business model, which requires users to make a payment before listing their product / service on the Webkraal website. Users can choose from three packages with different features & conditions.

Standard Listings

The standard listing package allows users to advertise their product / service using a combination of text and photos. A maximum of three photos can be linked to the listing. All standard listings will display after the premium / mandate listings on the website.

Premium Listings

Premium listings are always featured and will appear first on all listing pages. A maximum of 10 photos can be linked to the listing, including 1 video. Users can provide a URL or link to their own website.

Webkraal Mandate Listings

This package grants authorization to the agents of Webkraal to market your product / service to their customers using social media, personal contacts & other marketing strategies with the purpose of finding the best possible deal for the seller. Webkraal will receive a 5% administration fee on the sale of the item / service (min amount of R35 000 for properties). If you are unable to deliver the item / perform the service, you will be liable for a penalty fee of R250 or 5% (greater amount will be applicable).